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Department Chemie
Arbeitskreis Wagner im Mai 2017
Photonische Gassensorik
Dr. Thorsten Wagner
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Arbeitskreis Wagner im Mai 2017

| Th. Wagner

Open positions for student assistance (SHK), Bachelor-, and Master-Thesis

We are actively looking for motivated students for the following topics:

  • Synthesis of Photonic Crystals (PhC) and Nanoporous Metal Oxides
  • Optical Spectroscopy
  • Characterization on Gas-Semiconductor Interfaces 
  • Research on New Transducer Mechanisms for Sensing Applications
  • Optical Activation of Semiconducting Metal Oxides
  • Measurement Instrumentation

There are always opportunities for interested students and interns to actively participate in our research projects. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Thorsten Wagner.


Dr. Thorsten Wagner

Anorganische Chemie - Arbeitskreis Wagner

Thorsten Wagner
+49 5251 60-2486
+49 5251 60-3423

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