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Department of Chemistry
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Arbeitskreis Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer
Nachhaltige Chemie und Synchrotronstrahlung

About us

Our research group is interested in development and characterization of functional materials for sustainable chemical processes. The role of non-noble metals as reactive components in sustainable processes represents the central topic in our workgroup. On the one hand new and effective materials were synthesized and tested on their catalytical activity. On the other hand catalytically active materials are investigated in detail to gain insights into the reasons for their high activities and to allow the design of improved catalysts based on these results. The applied methods (mainly at synchrotron radiation facilities) are continuously developed to fulfill the requirements of the systems.

Defense Maike Tünnermann

Maike successfully defended her dissertation 18th October 2018. Congratulations!


Defense Hatice Söyler

Hatice finished her dissertation and defended her thesis 7th December 2018. Congratulations!


Faculty ceremony 2018

Our graduates celebrated their degrees at the annual faculty ceremony. Congratulations to Anabel Miletic, Lennart Schmitz, Philipp Dierks and Regina Meinhart.Thank you for your strong commitment! 



Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer

Inorganic Chemistry - Research Group Bauer

Matthias Bauer
+49 5251 60-5614

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