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Gruppenbild 2019

Arbeitskreis Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer
Nachhaltige Chemie und Synchrotronstrahlung

New heterogeneous systems for catalytic CO oxidation and CO2 reduction

Working mainly with transition metal complexes, we apply highly defined molecular precursors to prepare new catalysts for heterogeneous reactions adressing environmental pollution protection. Aiming at a directed synthesis of particular active structures we try to establish iron as main catalysts in both reaction types. Operando X-ray spectroscopy is the core method for the mechanistic investigations of these reactions.
These projects are funded by the German ministry of research and education (BMBF).
Part of this work is funded by the DFG in frame of the priority program SPP 2080 (Catalysis under dynamic conditions) and a transfer project (together with the  University Bergakademie Freiberg and Umicore).


Prof. Dr. Per-Anders Carlsson (Gothenborg)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kleist (Bochum)
Prof. Dr. Sven Kureti (Freiberg)


Dr. Roland Schoch

Inorganic Chemistry - Research Group Bauer

Roland Schoch
+49 5251 60-5775
+49 5251/60-1625
NW2.816 / …

Steffen Schlicher

Inorganic Chemistry - Research Group Bauer

Steffen Schlicher
+49 5251 60-1601

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