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Gruppenbild 2019

Arbeitskreis Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer
Nachhaltige Chemie und Synchrotronstrahlung

Noble metal free dyads for electron transport processes and photocatalysis

Noble metal free dayds are so far unknown and thus unexplored. We connect our research on photoactive iron complexes with photocatalytic proton reduction using base metal catalysts here.
The rational design of the connecting linker is of prior importance in order to investigate the influence of the linker nature on the electron transfer step.



Dr. Wojciech Gawelda (XFEL)


Marina Huber, M.Sc.

Inorganic Chemistry - Research Group Bauer

Marina Huber
+49 5251 60-1618

Student Assistants

Dominik Baier
Pia Rehsies

The University for the Information Society