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Arbeitskreis Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer
Nachhaltige Chemie und Synchrotronstrahlung

Development, establishment and application of photon-in/photon-out spectroscopy

To make full use of the powerful photon-in/photon-out techniques like high energy resolution fluorescence detected XANES (HERFD-XANES), core-to-core XES (CtC-XES) and valence-to-core XES (VtC-XES) with respect to our chemistry in the fields of sustainable processes technical developments are neccessary. They are related to the core part of the experiment – the spectrometer – and the sample environment – the measurement cells. In particular we are building up new spectrometer types with variable time resolution at PETRA III.
These projects are funded by the German ministry of research and education (BMBF).


Dr. Wolfgang Caliebe (DESY, PETRA III)



Dr. Roland Schoch

Inorganic Chemistry - Research Group Bauer

Roland Schoch
+49 5251 60-5775
+49 5251/60-1625
NW2.816 / …

Dr. Aleksandr Kalinko

Inorganic Chemistry - Research Group Bauer

Aleksandr Kalinko
+49 40-8998-1994

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