Coating key figures
Mechanical technological properties
Surface properties:
• gloss
surface tension
• roughness
• frictional resistance
• leveling
Optical properties
Weather, climate and corrosion tests :
Climate chamber
• salt spray test

Electrophoretic dip coating on a laboratory scale
Spray booth
High pressure atomization
Electrostatically assisted high-pressure atomization
High rotation atomization
Powder application (corona- and tribocharging)
Curtain coating maschine with two pouring heads, roller coating
Flame treatment

Synthesis laboratory with reactors and laboratory facilities for the synthesis of coating raw materials

Parallel reactor plant for polymer syntheses

Dissolver and dispermat
Ball mill and roller mill
Mixing and stirring equipment, Ultraturrax
Agitator mill, bead mill

Convection ovens
Gradient oven
UV curing
Infrared emitters (short wave, medium wave, long wave)

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