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Department of Chemistry
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The 3rd funding phase of the SFB TR 87  (2018-2022)– “Pulsed high power plasmas for the synthesis of nanostructured functional layers” has been granted. Within the University of Paderborn, the research groups of Teresa de los Arcos, Thomas Kühne and Guido Grundmeier participate in this consortium with three projects on the deposition of thin films with controlled permeability and the interface chemistry of wear resistant plasma coatings.

Dr. Katharina Pohl honored with "Jowat Klebstoff-Forschungspreis 2014"

For her dissertation „Surface Chemistry and Corrosion Studies of Zn-Al and Zn-Mg-Al Alloy Coatings“ Dr. Katharina Pohl was honored with the "Jowat Klebstoff-Forschungspreis 2014". Press note.

Dr. Adrian Keller honored with "Forschungspreis 2014" by Universität Paderborn

Dr. Adrian Keller was honored for his project „Selfassembled DNA nano wires for future information technology" with one of three research awards of the University of Paderborn. Press note.


Youngest publications


C. Kunze, I. Giner, B. Torun, G. Grundmeier,
Influence of the surface chemistry on TiO2-TiO2 nanocontact forces as measured by an UHV-AFM,
Chemical Physics Letters (2014), 597, 134-138. 

R. Posner, N. Fink, G. Giza, G. Grundmeier,
Corrosive delamination and ion transport along stretch-formed thin conversion films on galvanized steel,
Surface & Coatings Technology (2014), 253, 227-233. 

C. Ebbert, H.C. Schmidt, D. Rodman, F. Nürnberger, W. Homberg, H.J. Maier, G. Grundmeier,
Joining with electrochemical support (ECUF): Cold pressure welding of copper,
Journal of Materials Processing Technology (2014), 214, 10, 2179-2187. 

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