For­mer group mem­bers (in al­pha­be­tic or­der)

  • Fadi Asaf:
    Internship 2005
  • Gönül Ar (Contact):
    Lyotropic Liquid Crystals under Shear: Investigations by Means of Rheology and NMR Spectroscopy (PhD Thesis)
  • Patrick Becker (Contact):
    Phase structure, molecular conformation and flow behaviour of liquid-crystalline polymers (PhD Thesis)
  • Michael Beerbaum:
    NMR-Untersuchungen an Fluorpolymeren in Wechselwirkung mit ionischen Flüssigkeiten (Bachelor Thesis 2019)
  • Michael Blaschke (Contact):
    Schear-induced structures of the lamellar phase of the ternary system lecithin/n-decane/water (Diploma thesis)
  • Marion Boulanger:
    NMR with pulsed field gradients on the minispec mq20: diffusion or convection (Bachelor Thesis 2018)
  • Johannes Brinkmann:
    NMR investigation on the self-diffusion in glycol/water mixtures (State Exam Project 2015)
  • Daniel Burgemeister (Contact):
    Rheo-NMR investigations on lyotropic systems (PhD Thesis)
  • Martin Butschies
    Diffusion measurements using a minispec (Postdoc 2013)
  • Peiru Cao:
    NMR investigations of mixed micelles (Master Thesis 2018)
  • Carina Dargel (Uni Bielefeld):
    Student project 2015
  • Stefan Disch (Contact):
    Liquid-crystalline elastomers (PhD Thesis)
  • Ruofan Dou:
    1H-NMR-Relaxation von Polymerelektrolyten (Bachelor Thesis 2018)
  • Tony Farrell (Contact):
    Synthesis of lyotropic liquid crystals (Postdoc)
  • Emmanueale Ferrarotto:
    Silbernanopartikel in sphärischen Polymerbürsten: Synthese, Charakterisierung und Ummantelung mit Silica (PhD Thesis 2020)
  • Tiago Ferreira (Contact):
    Postdoc 2014, Diffusionsmessungen mit dem minispec
  • Peter Fischer (Contact):
    Lyotropic liquid-crystalline elastomers: Synthesis, NMR and hygroelastic measurements (PhD Thesis)
  • Xiao Fu:
    Student project 2017
  • Alejandra Garcia Marcos (Contact):
    Synthesis of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers
  • Anurag Garg (Contact):
    Rheo-NMR (Internship 2010)
  • David Grabowski (Contact):
    Rheo-NMR spectroscopy (PhD Thesis)
  • Felix Grewe (Contact):
    Structures in aqueous surfactant systems (PhD Thesis 2013)
  • Anpeng Guo:
    NMR investigations of mesoporous silica (Master Thesis 2018)
  • Sanna Gustavsson (Contact):
    Smectic liquid crystals under shear (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Roxana Haase (Contact):
    Dilute surfactant/fatty alcohol/water mixtures (Postdoc)
  • Benjamin Heiland:
    Student 2010
  • Florian Hoffmann:
    Student 2014
  • Matthias Hoffmann:
    Ageing in gel-like surfactant systems (Bachelor Thesis 2013)
  • Waldemar Keil (Contact):
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Energy Storage Materials (PhD Thesis 2022)
  • Frederik Klama (Contact):
    NMR spectroscopy: MAS and rheo-NMR (Student)
  • Felix Kleinschmidt (Contact):
    Anomalous Diffusion in Anisotropic Media (PhD Thesis)
  • Michal Komlosh (Contact):
    Rheo-NMR spectroscopy: Proton detection and smectic liquid crystals (Postdoc)
  • Dagmar Koppler:
    1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy on nonionic surfactant solutions (Diploma Thesis)
  • Melanie Kube:
    Solid-state NMR investigations of stabilized metal-oxid nanoparticles (Master Thesis 2013)
  • Dmitry Kushnikovskiy:
    Lyotropic liquid crystals as templates for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles (PhD Thesis 2017)
  • Rance Kwamen:
    Postdoc 2015-2016
  • Sofiane Lansab:
    Multiple-quantum NMR with a low-field spectrometer (Bachelor Thesis 2017) and NMR investigations on ceramic-polymer hybrid electrolytes for solid-state lithium-ion batteries (Master Thesis 2020, FZ Jülich)
  • Jialin Li:
    NMR spectroscopy of polymers (Bachelor Thesis 2017)
  • Lu Liu:
    NMR diffusion measurements for the investigation of micellar growth (Bachelor Thesis 2017)
  • Michail Lukaschek (Contact):
    Rheo-NMR spectroscopy on lyotropic liquid crystals (PhD Thesis)
  • Svenja Marl (Contact):
    Diffusions measurements using a minispec (Bachelor Thesis 2013)
  • Mihir Mogre (Contact):
    DAAD guest student (internship) 2008
  • Dagmar Moritz
    NMR investigation of the micelle structure of SDS/CA mixtures (Bachelor thesis 2011)
  • Christian Mueller (Contact):
    Structure and dynamics of mesomorphous n-alkylsubstituted polysilanes and poly(silylene methylene) (PhD Thesis)
  • Stefan Müller (Contact):
    Orientation and structure of lyotropic liquid crystals under shear (PhD Thesis)
  • Amin Ordikhani-Seyedlar:
    NMR-Diffusometrie und -Relaxometrie (Postdoc 2017)
  • Jochen Ortmeyer (Contact):
    Investigations of gel-forming lamellar phases (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Javier Perez Quinones (Contact):
    guest PhD student 2009
  • Christine Peter-Tittelbach (Contact):
    NMR studies of molecular dynamics in polysilanes (Diploma Thesis)
  • Dominique Pinoit (Contact):
    Rheology and flow behaviour of smectic systems (Postdoc)
  • Isabel Quijada Garrido (Contact):
    Rheology of liquid-crystalline polymers and worm-like micelles (Postdoc)
  • Marie-France Quincy (Contact):
    NMR-spectroscopy of polysilanes; hyperbranched polymers and liquid-crystalline polymers (PhD Thesis)
  • Valesca Russo
    NMR experiments on surfactant solutions (Diploma Thesis)
  • Elena Schipunov Contact):
    Investigation of structured surfactant systems (PhD Thesis 2014)
  • Werner Schnepp (Contact):
    2H NMR spectroscopy of deuterated lyotropic liquid crystals (PhD Thesis)
  • Shahram Shafaei (Contact):
    Composites of lyotrop-lamellar phases and mikroparticels (PhD Thesis)
  • Hartmut Siebert (Contact):
    Flow behaviour of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers (PhD Thesis)
  • Martin Siebrecht:
    Reduktion von Ag+ in Polystyrol- Polyacrylat Kern-Schale-Partikeln (Bachelor Thesis 2017) und Untersuchungen an anorganisch-organischen Kompositen auf PVdF-HFP-Basis (Master Thesis 2019)
  • Zhenying Su:
    Einfluss von Cotensid auf SDS-Mizellen (Bachelor Thesis 2019)
  • Tommy Suutari (Contact):
    Smectic liquid crystals under shear (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Richard Szopko (Contact):
    Aggregation of Dyes (PhD Thesis 2009)
  • Mingxue Tang (Contact):
    Polymerdispersed liquid crystals (PhD Thesis 2013)
  • Yong Wang (Contact):
    Construction of a shear apparatus (student)
  • Inessa Wolf (Contact):
    Shear-induced structures of the lamellar phase of lecitin/DDAB/H2O (Bachelor Thesis 2008)
  • Zhiyuan Zhang (Contact):
    Relaxation measurements using a minispec (Bachelor Thesis 2013)