Com­bined Stat­ic and Dy­nam­ic Light Scat­ter­ing

The ALV 5000E Compact Goniometer System (ALV 5000E CGS) simultaneously analyzes static and dynamic light scattering at variable observation angles. A laser at a wavelength of 632.8 nm and a power of 35 mW (Soliton HeNe) is used as a light source. 

Regime of observation angles: 12° < Θ < 155° 

Regime of momentum transfer: 0.0030 < q < 0.028 nm-1 (depends on solvent) 

Evaluation of static light scattering reveals a weight averaged molar mass, a mean squared radius of gyration and a form factor of scattering polymers and colloids. The particles usually are smaller than a micrometer. 

Evaluation of dynamic light scattering reveals a diffusion coefficient (and its distribution in case of polydisperse samples) of scattering polymers and colloids.

Accessible Quantities: molar mass, squared radius of gyration, form factor, diffusion coefficient  and its distribution. The molar mass is a weight averaged molecular weight. Squared radius of gyration, form factor and diffusion coefficient are z-averaged values. The diffusion coefficient can be translated into a hydrodynamically effective radius via the Stokes-Einstein relation.

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