Dif­fer­en­tial Re­fracto­met­er

Refractometer, Typ DR-3 (from SLS-Systemtechnik, Denzlingen), with optical bench enabling use of external light sources with light polarized perpendicular and with a power < 0,5mW. A diode laser (wavelength 635nm) is used as a light source for the present instrument. Solution and solvent is injected into compartments of a rotatable cuvette. Resolution in angle of deflection is 0.0001° with an accessible angular regime > 1,5°. The maximum temperature to be used is 80°C with a resolution of 0.1°C.

Refractometer, Modell 2010/540 (PSS, Mainz), which can be operated in a batch mode and at a constant sample flow. Two instruments are available, one using a wavelength of 535 nm and one with a wavelength of 640 nm.  

Accessible Quantities: refractive index increment of solutes in solution. The quantity is required for the evaluation of absolute values of molar mass from light scattering