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The research interests of the group revolve around exploring the fascinating world of carbonaceous materials and their applications. The group focuses on several key areas, including:

The group delves into the characterization, synthesis, and manipulation of porous carbon materials. These materials possess unique properties, such as high surface area and tunable pore sizes, which make them versatile for various applications. We use innovative approaches for carbonization processes, aiming to control the carbonization process and tailor the resulting carbon materials' properties for specific applications. 

The group studies the gas-carbon and liquid-carbon interactions, particularly focusing on carbon materials' ability to capture and store greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and on the interaction of electrolyte solvents with the materials. Understanding the interaction mechanisms enables the development of advanced gas storage and separation technologies and advanced electrochemical electrodes.

Carbon-based materials can also be conductive! We also explore the materials behaviour as electrocatalysts for energy conversion and storage with the aim to develop efficient and sustainable energy conversion systems through the utilization of carbon materials. We are specially interested in CO2 Conversion: Given the pressing global challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the group actively researches carbon dioxide conversion technologies. They aim to develop efficient and sustainable processes that transform CO2 into valuable products, contributing to mitigating climate change.

When introducing heteroatoms in carbon networks, the catalytic properties of the materials deeply change. We explore the potential of the materials as catalysts for various chemical reactions and optimizing their composition and structure with the aim of enhancing catalytic activity and selectivity.

Throughout the webpage, you will find more detailed information about the group's research projects, publications, and contributions to the field of carbonaceous materials. Feel free to explore further and discover the exciting advancements in these areas.

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Sustainable Materials Chemistry - AK Jun. Prof. Lopez Salas

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