De­­sign and syn­­the­­sis of ca­r­­bo­naceous ma­te­ri­a­ls

The remarkable physicochemical properties of carbon materials have secured their prominent role across various industries. Despite this, the full potential of carbon materials remains underexplored due to the limited control over the carbonization process. However, recent advancements in precise carbonization have enabled the production of doped high surface area carbon materials and 2D carbons, reigniting interest in these materials.

The primary aim of our research group is to achieve deeper control over the carbonization process to develop advanced carbon materials with tailored properties. Our approach includes:

  1. Carbonization of precursors with pre-coded information to produce predictable heteroatom-doped electron-rich or electron-deficient materials and gain control over the different physico-chemical properties of the final carbon.
  2. Optimization of the carbonization process to create advanced carbon-carbon and metal-carbon heterojunctions.
  3. Develop nanostructured carbons using simple direct cabonization techniques in the present of eutectic melts.