Pu­bli­ca­ti­ons - de los Ar­cos

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T. de los Arcos, H. Müller, C. Weinberger, G. Grundmeier
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HIGHLIGHT (Ambient Pressure-XPS):  Challenges in the interpretation of gas core levels for the determination of gas-solid interactions within dielectric porous films by ambient pressure XPS
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HIGHLIGHT:  Review of infrared spectroscopy techniques for the determination of internal structure in thin SiO2 films
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In situ backside Raman spectroscopy of zinc oxide nanorods in an atmospheric‐pressure dielectric barrier discharge plasma

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Determination of the refractive indices of ionic liquids by ellipsometry, and their application as immersion liquids
X. Wu, M. Muntzeck, T. de los Arcos, G. Grundmeier, R. Wilhelm, and T. Wagner
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