Alumni Chemie Pader­born e.V.

Association of former members and active friends of Paderborn Chemistry

33 years ago, the chemistry programme was launched at the young Paderborn University.

The association Alumni Chemie Paderborn (AlChemPB) e.V. is an association of former and current members and active friends of Paderborn Chemistry, which promotes the lively personal and professional exchange of opinions among each other and builds a bridge between its members and the Department of Chemistry at Paderborn University. The association serves to promote research and teaching in the Department of Chemistry and the dialogue between it, the professional world and society.

The activities of the association, which was founded on 9 April 2005, focus in particular on

  • promoting the reputation of Paderborn University and the Department of Chemistry in the public eye,
  • supporting the Department of Chemistry in its tasks in teaching, research and further education,
  • Strengthening the bond between chemists and between chemists and Paderborn University,
  • Promoting the exchange of opinions and experiences between active members of the Department of Chemistry and former members in professional life (practice),
  • Improving the practical relevance of training by intensifying contacts with chemists in professional life and taking up their suggestions,
  • Public relations work and generating donations,
  • financial and material support for the chemistry education of students in the Department of Chemistry.

Being amember of the association means keeping in touch with the Paderborn University, staying well informed through

  • Emails informing about current developments
  • Meetings of the association members.

Members are thus integrated into a network for professional and private purposes and have the opportunity to contribute their own practical experience to the University - and conversely to participate in the latest scientific developments.

Are you interested in becoming a member? Further information about the association and how to become a member here!