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"Coatings, Materials & Polymers"

The Chair of "Coatings, Materials & Polymers" (CMP) focuses on applied material and process science that overlaps with areas of classical chemistry and has synergy potential with mechanical engineering and the ILH. This applies in particular to particle production and functionalization, boundary phase processes between composite materials, coating, bonding and joining technology and the development of new high-performance polymers. Project examples include the development of an easy-to-clean coating for concrete and car rims, environmentally friendly solvent replacement in wire enamels, grain boundary-selective deposition of corrosion-inhibiting polymers on galvanized steel and the development of a bonded coating that contains triboreductive functionalities as non-abrasive units. The industrial process "lacquer" (raw material development and functionalization) is considered in its interdependencies.

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The research group Coating Materials & Polymers (CMP), headed by Prof. Dr. Bremser, focuses on advanced materials and process science. CMP unifies the fields of classical chemistry and polymer engineering. Major topics include synthesis and functionalization of polymeric materials such as high-performance polymers, nano particles and adhesives. Find out more about our research topics on our research page.


Zinc Anodizing: Structural Diversity of Anodic Zinc Oxide Controlled by the Type of Electrolyte

K. Engelkemeier, A. Sun, D. Voswinkel, O. Grydin, M. Schaper, W. Bremser, ChemElectroChem (2021) 2155–2168.

Thermostable water reservoirs in the interlayer space of a sodium hectorite clay through the intercalation of γ-aminopropyl(dimethyl)ethoxysilane in toluene

W. Keil, K. Zhao, A. Oswald, W. Bremser, C. Schmidt, H. Hintze-Bruening, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24 (2021) 477–487.

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Sub­ject of stud­ies: Chem­istry and Tech­no­logy of Coat­ings

The course of studies Chemistry and Technology of Coatings (CTC) combines the academic education to Bachelor / Master / Dr. rer. nat. (focussing on CTC), which are qualifying for profession, with academic research and is therefore Germany-wide one of a kind. The study has numerous lectures and practical courses.

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From the raw materials, through the intermediate stage of the applicable paint, to the finished coating - the materials used in the field of coating materials are numerous. The properties to be tested are equally numerous. Paint-specific test methods, for example pendulum damping, as well as very unspecific tests such as viscosities or microscopic examinations are performed. Find out more about the equipment in our laboratory.



We are a member of the Institute for Lightweight Construction with Hybrid Systems (ILH).


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